That Is All

I hate group work. Before I go any further, let me say that I’m not going to use this post to attack any particular person, so before anyone thinks that I’m getting at them for something they’ve said or done to me in real life, please. I’ve had enough drama over that already, and I’m trying, for now at least, to stick to more general observations. The thing about group projects is that you have to do them, or you’re not being a team player. And I don’t like the idea of being a freeloader, even though I don’t really give a shit about my team. So when I find that there’s still work to do or that I’ve done something wrong and have to do it again, it bugs me, because that means I will have to shoulder aside some of my solo projects to get this shit done. And of course, everyone else in the group is doing it, or at least seems to be. Because we’re all in this together, right?

I’m going to do something here that I have not done in a while. Some of you might be surprised to hear me say it, but I think we need more moderation in this country. I am as diehard a liberal as you are ever likely to find (as if the subheading of the blog wasn’t enough of a tipoff), but I really do think Democrats and Republicans need to talk to each other a little more. As of this writing, deep budget cuts are about to go into effect because Barack Obama could not reach an agreement with Boehner and Co. over that whole sequestration thingie that I’ve been tangentially aware of for a while now. I’m not blaming Obama. I am blaming the Republicans. But at the same time, this is not surprising. They’ve spent the last four years-plus being obstructionists to their core; did anyone seriously think they would agree to even something as reasonable as closing corporate tax loopholes if it meant giving Obama anything he wanted? I remember watching Bill Maher damn near tear his hair out a little less than a year ago because even the most reasonable Republican that he could find for his panel still made claims that were unsupported by facts full of logical holes. So I’m not going to go all false equivalency on your ass, because nobody hates false equivalencies more than I do. I’m just saying that nobody wants to live in an echo chamber (well, I don’t, anyway), and if we can’t find a few conservatives who at least have the courage to remove Grover Norquist’s hand from their ass and think for themselves, maybe we should force a couple Red States to secede. My man Frank Bruni wrote a column about this a couple weeks ago, and he got slammed by his liberal commenters. I dunno, I think there’s a fine distinction between repeating the “both sides do it” canard and just saying that yes, the left still has its extremists, even if they have no credibility in the mainstream. I’ve met insane liberals, and they aren’t terrifying so much as just REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING.

This past week or so has been busy, but no overwhelmingly so. That’s kind of stressful all on its own, as I haven’t been completely wound up, and thus can’t find the time to properly unwind. I want an entire day during which I can do nothing but read stupid articles on the internet, but almost ever day, I have an important meeting, work, a class, or some homework that is due the next day. Even my weekends don’t feel like weekends.

I have a birthday coming up relatively soon. I’m trying to avoid the reflectiveness that comes with facing a new year, as I listened to a lot of people make such pronouncements when the actual New Year happened a couple months ago, but I will say that I have a bad feeling that a lot of the things that I really wish would change probably won’t. Because that’s just the way shit works. I’m getting older, and while I’m still young, I’d really like to start seeing a little bit more change around here. The old saying that living well is the best revenge floated through my mind earlier today, and it’s probably true, although to me, it’s less about being the better man and not having to make your enemy suffer so much as showing them for the asshole that they are. I got an update on how my arch nemesis (for lack of a better term) was doing a year ago (it’s been just under two years now since I told him I never wanted to speak to him again), and from the sounds of things, he’s exactly where I thought he was. He was aggravating because he was so fucking predictable. Every time I said something to him, I briefly thought of the worst possible thing that he could say in return, then figured that nobody could be that big of a shithead. But he always said exactly the thing I hoped he wouldn’t say, and he did it over and over again until I forced him to stop. I think that’s why I still can’t get him out of my head: He forced me to kick him out of my life. Because he wouldn’t leave of his own volition, no matter how many unsubtle hints I threw his way, so I had to tell him to fuck off. And he did. Just like that.

I hate Log Cabin Republicans. I’ve mentioned them before, but they infuriate me. I can’t fucking stand their insistent on walling their sexuality off from the rest of their being, claiming that they’re more concerned with job creation than making sure that everyone has the right to get married. Fellow humans, I do not know about you, but if I had the choice between a stable job and a stable marriage, I’d take the latter without hesitation. Unless you are on the brink of starvation, I can’t see how having somebody to come home to is less important than having something to come home from. Barney Frank–a lovably mouthy fighter whom I had the honor of briefly meeting a while back–said that they’re basically gay Uncle Toms, a sentiment which I heartily endorse.

Not much else to say here, really. I kind of just wanted to complain about a bunch of things that were bugging me. For once, I hope nobody was offended. God, that is such a weird thing to say.


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