This Time Will Be Different

It is the last bastion of bigotry to say, “Maybe I’m an asshole, but I’m still right”. Basically, they’re admitting they’re full of shit, but asking you not to call them out on it, because God forbid somebody tell them that their shit stinks, too.

I take a methodical approach to almost everything I do, from conversations to eating meals. I make friends slowly and try to hold onto the ones I have. I don’t make it into the gym as often as I like, by try to do a thorough workout when I do. I’m not very good at napping, but am reasonably consistent at getting enough sleep at night. And even though I have made it into my mid-20s without going on a date, I like to think that when I finally do land someone, our relationship will be long-lasting. I hope it is. It would sure suck to wait that long for something that is over in six months. So as I move gradually closer to my life goal of not feeling like shit all the time, I hope that any delays are merely pauses as I chip away at the metaphorical barrier and find its weak points. Because I am very, very good at locating weak points.

I still don’t fully understand why people voted for Mitt Romney. The best I can figure is that some folks feel a kinship with certain politicians that goes deeper than agreeing with their policies. I know people who are socially liberal but fiscally conservative, but even that doesn’t explain it, as the Rich White Mormon Douchebag’s economic policies are about as destructive as his social ones. I guess maybe people voted for him over Obama because they…wanted to vote for him over Obama. On the rare occasion that I talk to Republicans (I live in New York, okay? They’re an endangered species around here!), I am stunned by how much we agree on. We agree that the middle class needs help, that American exceptionalism is sheer arrogance, and that the government needs to stop telling people how to conduct their private affairs. How then to explain why they supported a candidate who, as far as I can tell, doesn’t give a shit about the middle class, thinks America is inherently superior to all other nations, and likes controlling women, gays, people of color, and everyone who is not exactly like him? I read in one of my high school history courses that antebellum Southerners tended to like black people as individuals, not so much as a race. In the North, it was the other way around. You ever think those basic sentiments still persist?

I would like to say, for the record, that while I doubt Texas is ever going to secede, I sometimes wish they would just to get rid of Louie Gohmert. That man is ignorant on a level that I cannot even contemplate.

Something about how much fun it is to hate on bad stuff. The Daily Show has really been off its A-game this week. I fail to see how the IRS scrutinizing Tea Party organizations to determine whether they were non-profit or political organizations counts as a scandal, and instead of pointing out how little sense that makes, Jon Stewart has been playing it up as if it really is a big deal. And it isn’t. I understand that people are afraid of executive overreach. I think that it is the duty of the media and the general public to be vigilant to protect themselves against a violation of their basic rights. But the nonstop investigation of the Benghazi “coverup” has got to stop. The embassy requested extra security, the request was denied, and people died. It’s sad, but shit like that happens all the time, and there is a difference between exposing negligence or malice and having 20/20 hindsight. Stewart made a similar mistake when covering the Anthony Weiner “scandal”. Instead of mocking the media, Congress, and even the President for their self-righteousness and sex-negativity over what amounts to little more than one horny guy getting carried away on Twitter, he just made dick jokes. I love Stewart to pieces, but he misses the mark sometimes. Thankfully, the commenters over at the show’s website seem to agree with me.

anthony weiner

I find that I’m not quite as scared of getting into fights on the internet as I used to. I am, however, sick of people saying that I’m wrong for getting angry at someone on Facebook. See, it’s one thing to think that somebody is getting angry for the wrong reasons, but to chide somebody just for getting angry? What the fuck am I, a robot? I have emotions, numbnuts. I can’t stop myself from feeling them. And if your response to a comment about some egregious bit of right-wing hypocrisy is that Democrats do it too, kindly fuck yourself in the face with a rhinoceros cock. I am so sick of people acting as if politics is a zero-sum game, and no matter which side you’re on (if, indeed, you are on either side), you have to acknowledge that it’s all pointless and all anyone wants to do is screw you. Sometimes, shit actually gets done. If one side is doing a better job of that than the other, it is perfectly acceptable to point that out. I’m not saying everything is sunshine and roses, only that this country is moving forward, however slowly. And you don’t even have to agree with everything I’ve said to understand that. Just understand that political affiliation denotes point of view, nothing more, nothing less. And if you think I’m overly concerned with who does it more, explain to me how saying that everyone does it equally is any better. The old saying is that the opposite of love isn’t hate, but indifference. I love and hate a lot about this country. I’m not indifferent to anything.


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