Stop the Machine

thing2I probably have more patience for evangelicals than most. Not so very long ago, I told a story on this blog about one who approached me in a bookstore, delivered an impromptu lecture on the feminine nature of God, and refused to take no for an answer when I told him I wasn’t interested. For guys like him, nothing is more important than hearing the word “yes”, even if they have to treat people like cattle in order to get there. The evangelicals I bumped into this Tuesday as I was wandering around campus before starting my work shift were nowhere near that obnoxious. They asked me to take a survey in which I used pictures to express my feelings toward God, Life, and other Big Ideas. I knew it was going to segue into an attempt to convert me sooner or later, but kept talking to them for close to half an hour because I actually did learn a thing or two from them. Eventually, it sunk in for them that I was not going to accept their worldview, and we parted on cordial terms.

I met my fair share of conservative Christians while growing up in California. They aren’t all assholes and they aren’t all morons, although I’ll be damned if I can explain why they believe what they believe. My mother is a churchgoing Catholic despite disagreeing with the Church on virtually ever social issue. She’s pro-choice, pro-gay rights, anti-abstinence-only sex education, need I continue? The evangelicals I spoke with on Tuesday were from Bible Belt states, and neither could have been older than sixteen or seventeen. I hope they learn not to treat everyone who does not share their faith as a potential convert someday. There is a lot we can learn from each other.

It’s fun to dig into the erotic undertones in horror movies. Lately, I’ve been watching a wide variety–crappy and halfway decent–and looking for homoeroticism. It’s not hard to find. The original Fright Night features a vampire preying on a geeky outcast by telling him that he knows what it’s like to feel different. (The outcast in question is also the main character’s best friend, and while the protagonist has a girlfriend, his BFF never talks about girls. Huh.) Then there’s David DeCoteau, who makes movies that could be classified as trash if they even rose to that level. I watched one, and it was basically a porno without any actual sex scenes. If it’s worth sitting through 85 minutes of godawful filmmaking just to see a couple of hot guys in their underwear, by all means, check out his stuff on Netflix. I watched The Brotherhood on a Sunday morning, and the best I can say for it is that it was better than lying in bed wondering why I’d woken up prematurely feeling so anxious.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Horror films are rarely shy about showing busty women in their underwear (or less), but they tend to slip hints of something else going on in between the lines. Read this, watch a couple, and heckle them with your friends. You’ll have a good time.

I never noticed how hot he was when I was ogling Tom Daley. Google "Chris Mears naked" and thank me later.

I never noticed how hot he was when I was ogling Tom Daley. Google “Chris Mears naked” and thank me later.

What am I really getting at here? I don’t know. All I know is that I finished all of my schoolwork about a month ago, graduated two weeks after, and have spent my time since then effectively catching up on all of the nothing I’d been meaning to do since then. That’s not entirely true, actually. I still have my part-time job at the library, and I have spent at least a little time over the past month looking for full-time employment. Mainly, I’m just tired of going to bed late (for me, that means after midnight) because there’s JUST SO MUCH STUFF TO DO and I can’t wait until morning. I spend lots of my time at work on the internet, but I try not to feel too shitty about that because everyone else does as well, I have downtime, and sometimes, my supervisors seem to be giving me shit to do just so that I have something to do. When I worked at KMART, my managers would scold me just for standing still at the register when there were no customers in line. So I learned to look like I was doing something even when I wasn’t (say, by turning off the register, then passing something over it again and again so that it looks like you’re performing a transaction). The summer before, I had had a position doing odd jobs at the university my dad worked at, and my boss there was perfectly fine with me going to the computer lab to watch movies whenever they had nothing for me to do. That job paid well, for my standards.

Some people are traveling this summer. Others are just hanging out. I’m not planning to do either one, exactly. There is a nonprofit community outreach kind of job I applied for that would suit me perfectly, consisting partially of field work and partially of office work (my parents may be fine with sitting in cubicles all day, but I’m not). It’s a temporary job that would run from September to June, allowing me to fly back to California for a few weeks in between that and my student job ending. And since it’s public service, I could count it towards student loan forgiveness. (Only nine years and three months to go after that!) They have yet to get back to me about an interview. I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

By the way, I got to the Red Wedding. I knew one character would die and had a suspicion about another, but had no idea about the Big Betrayal. I’m glad I got to experience it (mostly) cold.



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