So, the verdict on my computer: it’s busted. I took it into I.T. and after two hours of working on it, the dude (whose name I never caught) threw up his hands and said my only option is to reinstall the operating system. I don’t have the discs, so I just ordered them from Amazon. I hope this doesn’t take too long. With I.T.’s help, I was able to salvage some of my files from the computer, so it looks like my work is not all lost. (There is a possibility that those documents are still infected. I opened them up on a library computer because I just wanted to make sure they were intact and really hoped nothing bad got into the library system, and they looked fine. I guess I should still scan the hard drive before transferring the files back onto my computer.) This, to put it mildly, has not been fun.

It’s an essential part of my daily routine that I spend the first few hours dicking around on the internet. When I wake up early in the morning and can’t get back to sleep, I open up my laptop and do stuff while lying in bed. Some mornings, I mean to go to the gym, but don’t get around to it until the afternoon because I’m so busy reading and watching crap. In fact, I’m writing this at work because I’m so tired of having to wait until after work or my off-days in order to do the shit that I normally can do whenever I want. Maybe it serves me right for not making sure that Norton Antivirus was up and running. But I could have sworn that I took all the necessary steps to activate it after downloading and paying for it. All I know is that it sucks to have to live without a working computer, especially when the change happens so suddenly and you have no say in it at all.

This, by the way, is part of the reason that I am suspicious of the technological trend of consolidating music players, video players, web browsers, telephones, and vibrating sex toys into one device. If that device breaks down, you’re fucked, aren’t you? I can live without the internet. But when I have to take a subway just to get to a place where I can watch one of my DVDs, I start to pine for the days when people watched their movies on television sets. Hell, it used to be that you’d come home, turn on the TV, and fall asleep in front of that. Even that requires more of an attention span than Facebook.

It’s been far too long since I’ve talked about Doctor Who, so now I’m going to talk about it. The current Doctor, Matt Smith, has just announced that he will be leaving the show, much to the regret of fans who really liked him. I didn’t. The current era, as I have said many, many times before on this blog, just doesn’t work for me. Russell T. Davies leaned far too heavily on melodrama and childish humor, but still understood what, fundamentally, the character was about. Steven Moffat doesn’t. In his hands, it’s basically a time-travel show that features the Doctor, rather than a show about the Doctor that features time travel (there’s a difference). As for Matt Smith, well, I liked the part where he told the Silurian not to try any of that “I am the last of my kind” bullshit on him, because he knows all too well what that’s like. I just found his take on the character far too focused on being quirky and “modern”. Yes, I know that Doctor Who has always been about updating its look and style to follow current trends, but in the case of Matt Smith, it felt like somebody realized that being a hipster is in, then decided to make the Doctor a hipster. I hope the next incarnation feels more organic.

Pictured: a person who was in the news.

Pictured: a person who was in the news.

I feel like I should say something about the Paula Deen controversy and the Supreme Court rulings on the gay marriage cases. Amazingly, I don’t have much to say about the latter. As for the former, I will say only that while she sounds like a pretty hardcore racist to me, she also sounds sorry for what she said. It’s as if she’ll never get over her racism, yet doesn’t want people to be hurt by it all the same. Truth be told, I feel a little bit sorry for her. Not sorry that the Food Network fired her (technically, they just didn’t renew her contract, but…same thing), just sorry that somebody who clearly considered herself a decent person had to face up to all of the horrible, bigoted, truly terrible things she’d said and done. I’ve read some healthy discussions on various blogs about how surprised we should be that an old Southern lady is racist vs. how unfair it is to assume all Southerners are racist, but all I’ll say in that regard is that in my experience, a lot of conservatives and Southerners tend to oppose discrimination on a micro level–being quite

Pictured: some people who were also in the news.

Pictured: some people who were also in the news.

comfortable with black friends, neighbors, and coworkers–while supporting discrimination on a macro level–opposing affirmative action, opposing Obamacare just because a black guy proposed it, etc. And on the other hand, I’ve met many Northern liberals who voted for Obama and support affirmative action, but would skip across the street if they saw a black dude in a hoodie approaching them. Which one is worse? How the fuck should I know? But these are just generalizations, and should be treated as such. I’m glad we’re having the conversation.

When my computer first started acting up, I figured the problem would be easily solved. Maybe I’d just have to restart it. After a while, it got more complicated, and refused to go away, like a massive fossil that I saw only one part of which at first. A lot of things are like that. I’m trying to do more than wait for it to be over.

In conclusion, this ranks just below Buckley’s version as my favorite take on the song. The gap-toothed blond dude fucking slays it.


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