Worse Than Hitler


She really is, isn’t she?

Look, I realize that the whole Anthony Weiner scandal is a goldmine for dick jokes, and not just because the dude’s last name is…well, you get the point. But the self-righteousness and ignorance that I have seen, both with the initial scandal several years ago and right now, is mind-boggling. What, exactly, did he do that he was wrong? If he didn’t tell his wife what he was doing, then she has every right to be angry at him, but that’s between him and her, and anyway, that’s not what everyone is so angry about. No, they’re angry at him because he sent out dirty pictures and messages. I’m still waiting for the part that’s shocking or wrong. John Oliver even referred to him as a “freak”. Oh, get over yourself. The Daily Show, as much as I love it, has always had an obnoxious tendency to stick to the safe and easy jokes, and on this matter, Oliver has selected hypocritical moralizing over the cut-through-the-bullshit approach that made the show so beloved in the first place. (It’s a lot like what Stewart did with the Benghazi/IRS “scandals”. Fucking pathetic.) Anthony Weiner made an idiot out of himself in the name of sex, which puts him in the same boat as, oh, let’s see, how about EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING WHO HAS EVER LIVED IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING HISTORY OF PLANET EARTH?!?!!?!?!?! Spare me the bullshit about how we hold our public figures up to higher standards or whatever nonsensical argument you have to justify your finger-wagging. Weiner went to therapy after the first pics surfaced in 2011. Why? Being horny isn’t a disease, and it’s sheer naivete to think that being a politician somehow makes someone immune.

There’s a layer of misogyny to this, even though it’s a man who is the target of all the criticism. What would we say if a female politician had been caught tweeting pictures of her tits? She’d be run out of office. People lost respect for Hillary after she stayed married to Bill. I say she was doing the right thing and forgiving him. It looks to me like they still like each other. So good on her for toughing a rough period in her marriage out. I hear Bill has not stopped philandering, but so what? Every relationship has its own set of rules. Not that I could blame Huma Abedin if she decides to divorce her husband. I’m just saying it’s none of our business. If Weiner stays in the mayoral race, he’ll have my vote. Suck on that, assholes.

I know I’m not going to win this one. There is too much ignorance built into our society. People will complain that he shouldn’t have lied about sending out those dirty pictures. Yes, that’s right: He shouldn’t have lied. But if you honestly think he’s going to lie about key political issues just because he didn’t want egg on his face after getting carried away on Twitter, you need a little lesson in false equivalencies. Larry Craig isn’t an asshole because he solicited anonymous sex in a men’s room, then insisted that he wasn’t gay. No, he was an asshole because he did all of that while being one of the most homophobic politicians in Congress. It would be one thing if Anthony Weiner were drugging interns and raping them while they were unconscious. Instead, he sent pictures of his penis to young women. As sexual harassment goes, that’s pretty weak. The blame lies on us for expecting a man who clearly gets off on that shit to simply get over it, as if getting over what gets you off is even possible. He probably could find a healthier outlet for his proclivities if he didn’t feel so ashamed of them.

I think we need to have a talk about the divide between one’s public and private life. Lana Wachowski said that even for the non-famous, one’s existence constitutes a negotiation between the two. Part of the reason I chose this “Robot King” persona for my blog rather than using my real name or image is because I want to see how people react to me when they don’t know what I look like and can’t hear me talking. It’s not like any P.I. or investigative journalist couldn’t track me down inside of fifteen minutes if they were so inclined. There is more than enough info about me on this blog to do so. But this isn’t about anonymity, and it’s not even really about privacy. It’s about what people really need to know. I just don’t see why I need to know that Anthony Weiner tweeted pictures of his junk. It has no impact on his ability to govern. He does not have narcissistic personality disorder. He does not have a sex addiction. Public office has a way of magnifying a person’s faults, so that indiscretions that might be forgotten or forgiven if committed by the rest of us are suddenly blown way out of proportion and plastered all over every newspaper. Maybe the women Weiner “preyed on” were deeply traumatized by his actions, but I have been sexually harassed before, and I think that if some random dude sexted me, I’d shrug, delete it, and get on with my day.

At the end of the day, I’m not too worried about what people might find out about me if they want to go hunting for skeletons in my closet. First of all, it would take some real digging to uncover anything much, and even then, the only thing that I really care about is whether the people close to me are going to judge me for it. I don’t think they will. I’m not married and have no kids, but if my future husband Jon Hamm is as awesome as I think he is, he’ll be okay with anything I do. I’m pretty permissive when it comes to sex. Ultimately, I’m just trying to have a good time.

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