Peter CapaldiSomeone is bound to ask me what I think of the casting of Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor, so let me just get this out of the way: I like him. I liked him in In the Loop, Children of Earth, and that one episode of Doctor Who that he guest-starred on. (I wonder if they’ll in any way acknowledge this continuity wrinkle in the writing.) I’ve long bemoaned the tendency of NuWho to skew towards the young and sexy under the misbegotten impression that an attractive Doctor is a good one. So if there any fangirls (or boys) reading this who think Capaldi is too old and ugly to play the Doctor, take a lubricated horse cock and ram it firmly up your shitter. He’ll be great. Matt Smith, the eleventh, was our youngest Doctor yet. William Hartnell, the first, remains our oldest Doctor, but only by a few months. Capaldi is in his mid-fifties, although he is quite handsome and spry for a man of his age. He is also (fun fact), a longtime fan of the show, having written a fan letter to Radio Times when he was a teenager.

I expected this casting decision to reignite the debate about whether we should have a woman or a person of color play the Doctor. Many names were bandied about, Idris Elba chief among them. I love Elba, but he is far too badass and physically imposing to play the Doctor. Stringer Bell wouldn’t outwit the Daleks, he would beat the living shit out of them and force their children to sell drugs for him. I’ll reiterate what I said the last time this issue came up: I’m not opposed to a female or dark-skinned Doctor, but I really don’t see the point. The Doctor is not the President. We don’t need Doctors who resemble the population; that’s not what this is about. People will protest that what defines the Doctor is his ability to reinvent himself, but I think it’s subtler than that. He has always been, in some small part, a relic of that “jolly old England” that was already dying out in the 1960s and fades further away with each passing year. There are other science fiction programs. Let them cast black people or women as their protagonists. Sometimes tradition is good. For a centuries-old alien, the Doctor acts remarkably like your cranky-but-loveably goofy uncle, and no, I don’t think that character would work quite as well portrayed by a woman or a person of color. There is plenty of sexism and racism in geekdom, and I have spent a great deal of time exploring it on this blog. This is one thing that doesn’t need to change. It would be a fairly passive embrace of diversity anyway, and if there’s one thing I don’t care for, it’s passivity.

It’s tangential, but I’m delinking Ezra Klein from my blogroll (not that anyone ever clicks on those links anyway). I have nothing against Klein, and the content from him and his contributors is as strong as ever. But the Washington Post has elected to put up a paywall, so that one cannot view more than 20 blog posts a month for free. Um, hello? A blog post is not a newspaper article. If you have to pay for a blog, then it isn’t a blog, because the whole point of a blog is that fucking anyone with an internet connection can read it. If a short compilation of the best things read online today counts as an article, I’m Batman. (I’m not, as much as I would like to be.)

The drama regarding my new apartment refuses to end. I have concluded that my new roommate, while not an unambiguously horrible person, is a bit of a shit. He has pissed me off a lot over the past week or so with his nitpicky living habits and tendency to withhold information, but this latest incident tops all of that. See, when I first looked at the place, he told me that I could move in on the first of August. The realtor was out of town, but he told me he’d leave the guy a message and that we could get all of the paperwork straightened out once he got back. I called the guy this morning and that’s not exactly how it went down. He’s not angry at me, but he was extremely upset with my roommate for violating the terms of his lease. Allowing somebody else to move in without having him approved by the realtor is an offense for which he could legally be evicted. So now I have to fill out all the paperwork and convince my father to sign on as guarantor, since I don’t make enough to cover stuff for the moment. (Actually, I don’t make anything at the moment, but I’m telling my realtor and roommate that I’m still employed for the time being because it was true when I moved in, and besides, I have enough saved up to at least get me through September. After that, who knows? I could end up working at McDonald’s if I get really desperate.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that right now, I’m dealing with a lot of shit, not the least of which is sleeping on an air mattress is an unfurnished apartment and knocking off during the day just so that my roommate will think I’m still going to work. I don’t have to keep that up for much longer. I’m leaving for California for two weeks this Monday. My roommate is insisting that I write him the September rent check before I go. Is he afraid that I’ll disappear on him? He reminds me of some of the Asian conservative Christians that I saw at my alma mater. They were polite, generally, but seemed to live somewhat enclosed lives, associating mainly with other Asian conservative Christians and starting conversations with me mainly to pontificate about Jesus. This dude is 29, and as far as I can tell, he’s gotten a few degrees in music-related stuff and accomplished little else. He’s not a terrible person, just kind of a pussy, and while I told him upon moving in that I can be friends or just acquaintances with my roommates, I think with this dude, I’m leaning towards friendly acquaintance. I would have stayed in a hostel for the first few nights of August if he’d asked me to, but instead, he asked me to move in so that he could feel safe about having found a roommate. If one of my friends pulled a stunt like that, I would terminate the friendship.

I’m rambling here, but let me just say that I cut and pasted passages from various blog posts into an online thingie that tells you which famous writers you write like, and among others, I got David Foster Wallace. Not sure what that says about me, but there it is.

This, by the way, could be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on FOX News. Yes, really.


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