I still have more to say about sexism. Take a look at this article, for example. (Better yet, don’t.) The author has views on gender that are so dated they make Tucker Max look like a feminist. At first, I thought it was satirical, but eventually, it sunk in that this author really is that big of a douchebag. And I don’t normally say this, but good luck getting laid with that attitude. See, even Tucker Max has has the decency to be upfront about what he wants. Yeah, he’s an asshole, but so what? He likes to use and discard women, and so he has sex with women who like to be used and discarded. Is there a single female on the planet who would choose to be with someone who tells her to her face that he finds her insecurity sexy, that she needs to be swatted on the ass and sent back to the kitchen? Maybe there are one or two, but they’re probably not much fun to be around. And even they would probably wise up and want out after a while.

My favorite thing about that article (and you really shouldn’t click on that link unless you’re a masochist) is the part where the author links to one of his own articles to prove his point. He claims that date rape is a joke, and as evidence, cites an article he wrote in which he claims that no man would ever have sex with a passed-out woman. Are you familiar with the “no true Scotsman” fallacy? I think this is a textbook example. This douchebag is so insecure that the only way he can support his claims is to assert that he is right, then quote himself asserting that he is right. 9/11 Truthers quote each other a lot, but at least they’re separate people. They’re an incestuous group, but not a purely masturbatory one. The only mention that this author makes of his own personal experiences is one girl he dated that he wanted to marry, but apparently didn’t. I wonder why.

At a certain point, it’s useless to talk about idiots like this one. He is so obviously full of shit that it’s almost not worth it to pick apart his argument. What jumps out at me is his sheer aggression. He can’t argue with feminists or their allies, so he just shouts at the top of his lungs in hopes of shutting them up. I really don’t think that’s going to work. Truth doesn’t win out by volume, but by persistence. You can try to all you want to shut it up, but at the end of the day, you will have worn yourself out, and the truth will be the only one left standing. Bullshit is bullshit. You can’t change that; you can only cover it up until somebody gets clued in.

hunger gamesI read 1984 years ago and liked it a lot, but had some problems with it. Sure, it’s conceivable that fascists could take over the government and turn England into a dystopia where fear is the law of the land and change is nothing more than a dream, but how likely is that? In order for such a society to function, everyone would have to be complicit. And as President Snow says in The Hunger Games, the one thing stronger than fear is hope. You can’t kill it no matter how hard you try. Sooner or later, a resistance movement would spring up. Somebody would uncover a stash of books that had been hidden away from the government all these years. Somebody would get dragged off to Room 101 and not break after all. (For such a concept to work, you would have to assume that the people watching the populace are infallible and can always figure out your greatest fear. Surely they can’t be right all the time?) I’ll quote one more pop culture character who fascinates me: Columbo once said that the reason getting away with murder is tricky is that the detective can make mistakes and still get on with their life, but the murderer only has to be wrong once. It’s dangerous to make your own security dependent on getting others to agree with you.

These past few weeks have been kind of weird for me. I’m trying not to get too worried about what’s to come. My father has gone from urging me to get a job to urging me to get a better one. Again, fuck him. I don’t want to say that I’m enjoying my job at the coffee shop, but that’s just because I never enjoy anything. I’d like to keep working there, at least for the foreseeable future. I feel like I’m starting to fit in. I make mistakes occasionally, but I’m pretty sure that people are understanding of that just because I am, after all, the new guy. My boss says that what it really boils down to is whether or not I can see customers leave satisfied. I could be wrong, but I think the customers like me. So that’s nice. I screw up sometimes, but I try not to let it get to me. I figure if I can just show that I’m learning from my screw-ups, I’ll be alright. I hope I’m right.

I know it’s a weird thing to fixate on, but I really wish I could get some more fucking traffic on this blog. I think the problem is that since my life lacks any clear direction, nobody reads it anymore. There was a time when I was in grad school when I was averaging at least 20 or 30 page views per day. Now, I average about five. I was stupid to think my relative success would last. I will keep doing it, though. I just don’t know where it’s going.


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