The Bubble

I was supposed to have today off work. My schedule changes every week, so I have to check it every Friday in order to make plans for the next week. Last Friday, it said that I would have this Saturday and Sunday off. But when I came in for work yesterday, I saw that my manager had written in another shift for me that began at 9 am this morning. I usually take the train to work, and the way the weekend train schedule works, I had to leave my place two hours before my shift began in order to make it. Who likes getting up that early on a Saturday? I am a morning person, but I also like being able to plan ahead. Today, I was going to go to the gym and watch a movie. I haven’t done more than one complete workout in a week since August, I think, and it’s because I’m always too damn tired. I might still have time for the movie.

I am using Facebook less and less these days. One FB friend said that it looks like a ghost town, but that’s not quite true. It’s still by far the most popular social media site, but since there are so many other social media sites these days, a lot of people are migrating to Twitter, Vine, FourSquare, Tumblr, or what have you. Of course, some people are just growing bored with the whole social media concept, and that’s fine. I’m one of them. But getting off of Facebook is like jumping from a moving vehicle. There are so many friends that I keep in touch with primarily through FB, and a lot of the social events that I attend (on the rare occasion that I do go to one) are organized on Facebook. So from a practical standpoint, it’s hard to break with FB completely, at least for the time being. I don’t like it very much, but it is useful, and I’m still not quite over the cheap thrill of logging on, seeing how many notifications you have, and clicking on the button to see who gave you a hollow sense of self-satisfaction by “liking” something you did.

Gotta admit he rocks those skinny jeans.

Gotta admit he rocks those skinny jeans.

I never knew Tom Daley was so naive. He came out as bisexual a few weeks ago, and his boyfriend, it turns out, is Dustin Lance Black. Black seems nice. There are some nasty rumors about Black having a tendency to seduce and abandon young twinks, but they are just that. They seem happy together. The fact that Black is twice Daley’s age doesn’t bother me. But to hear Tom Daley talk about it, he seems to think he is the first person ever to fall in love with anyone. He actually used the phrase “love at first sight” when he talked about meeting Black. (He also said he couldn’t tell if Black was gay, which, um…have you tried Googling him?) At nineteen, Tom Daley should be old enough to know at least a few people who have fallen in and out of love with someone. It’s what I like to call the Romeo & Juliet stage. (To be fair, I know a few people who are still with their high school sweethearts, but they are the exception rather than the rule.) I guess losing his father and being a star athlete has left Tom with no time to learn the ways of the world. Oh, well.

I got very angry lately when one of major plot twists in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was spoiled for me. I was reading an article making fun of one of the worst episodes and I stupidly assumed that the writer wouldn’t talk about anything that happened after that episode, but instead, he spoiled two plot points, one relatively minor, one very major (from the sound of it). I was so angry. I like Deep Space Nine, and I’m happy to report that I’ve made it this far without having anything spoiled for me. I’m listening to the seventh Harry Potter book on audiobook at the moment, and since I’m not as big on that series, I don’t mind that I already know how it ends. But Deep Space Nine? Fuck, yeah. Maybe I should learn not to compartmentalize everything into stuff I care about and stuff I don’t care about. There are probably still some surprises in store for DS9. I just wish the writer of the article had had the decency to not to assume that everybody reading the article had seen the entire series (the article, I repeat, was about just one episode). Is that so hard?

My boss told me a day or two ago that I should start asking people if they’d like a pastry with their coffee. Nobody does that. We’re supposed to, but I just say, “Will that be all?” Because it’s just awkward an annoying to have to ask every single person if they’d like a fucking pastry. I’m not going to complain too hard about my job. It’s better than most of the other jobs I’ve had, but at the end of the day, I’m still just another twentysomething college grad who lives with his father and works part-time because that’s the best he can do. I could get a second job (as many of my coworkers have done), but that would require coordinating its schedule with this job (tricky, as this one depends on my open availability), learning a new set of skills and people, and, of course, filling out applications and shit. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? I’m still polishing my ability to my ability to make small talk with customers. I haven’t really made friends with any of my coworkers. I’d like to find a better job someday, but for the time being, I just want to have a conversation.

Tangentially, this could be the dumbest thing I’ve read this month.


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